Friday, January 20, 2017

Reasons to Engage our Home Building Services in Kelowna

Clients engage the services of Hartley Homes and Consulting because they understand our passion will make their dream home a reality In Kelowna.
Clients engage the services of Hartley Homes and Consulting because we save them money, without cutting corners, and deliver the look and function exactly as promised
At Hartley Homes we :
- build 24" wide footings for a better foundation
- reinforce concrete for stronger basement and slab floors
- use 4" PVC for better drainage systems
- use 14" floor  joists for stronger stiffer floors
- use 2 x 8 framed 16" OC for stronger walls
- use R-28 wall insulation exceeding the building code by 30%
- Use R-50 attic insulation  exceeding the building code by 25%
−eliminate frustration and stress
−make the process of building easy and joyful
−deliver the look and function exactly as promised
−get the best value for your money
−have documented systems and controls so everyone understands the requirements
−build to meet code requirements and exceed customer expectations
−handle customer concerns before they become problems
−are committed to building the customers dream home
Brian Roth
Hartley Homes & Consulting
“Quality Construction built for Life”
Phone (250) 808-1148 Fax (250) 765-0730


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